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Flower Walls HQ is from the same team that operates the Mighty Booths - Perth's best photo booth services for all types of events.

In November 2011, we started the Mighty Booths which was initially offering Open and Enclosed Photo Booth set-ups.

Then in 2016 we started creating artificial floral and greenery walls as alternative backdrops of the photo booths thus introducing a new set up - the Flower Wall Photo Booths.

From the first flower wall created in 2016 (the Shades of White Flower Wall) we now have 13 different  hand made artificial flower and greenery walls - and 2 walls just recently completed and scheduled to be photographed soon ready to launch.

In addition, we have 2 new walls scheduled to be created in July.  By December 2020, Flower Walls HQ aims at having 20 flower and greenery walls in it's collection.

Rather than just backdrops of the photo booths, our large range of flower and greenery walls are now hired on their own and used as selfie wall, photography backdrop,  media wall, wall behind the cake, wall behind the bridal table, general decor and styling wall, wall to hide unsightly walls and corners, wall around an expo and exhibition booth, and more.

Separating the flower walls and greenery walls hire services from the photo booth hire services has been something that we have been planning to do but have not had the chance to execute.

Having been in hibernation due to Covid-19 in the last few weeks, we decided that now is the time to separate the two services.  We have created a new entity - Flower Walls HQ - which will specialise in the floral and greenery walls hire.  In addition, Flower Walls HQ will also be offering bespoke flower walls and greenery walls for sale as well as adding the sale and hire of other complementary products and services.

The Mighty Booths and Flower Walls HQ will be working together in offering you products and services that will complement your events.

We look forward to working with you!

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